Karen Sheeks RN, MS

Karen is an international Spiritual Advisor, Medical Intuitive, Educator, Alchemist, and Author who is passionate about guiding people toward alignment with their brightest potentials in life.

 During the nearly three decades she spent in Emergency and Trauma Nursing, Karen always sought to deepen her understanding of the healing arts, exploring a myriad of alternative and ancient therapies, which she used both in her private “non-traditional” practice, and with her work in the Western medical model. She believes that if we look for the pearls in diverse approaches to health and well-being, we receive the greatest benefit.

 Residing in Mt. Shasta California, Karen enjoys the vibrant energies of this planetary power spot, spending time on the mountain in prayer and meditation to expand her understanding of what is possible in the realms of healing and self-realization.

 Her clients around the world (whom she considers her extended family) are helping to create a global grid of light and hope for the future.

 Karen enjoys hiking in “wild places” where she can commune with the consciousness of Nature, and spending time with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.